Sunday, September 10, 2006

a beautiful sunday in new york city (day 3)

1) Lojack for your blood: This idea comes from an anonymous contributor.

I had an idea when a guy I knew overdosed and died on cocaine. It was called the computer drug addict chip. It's a cocaine sensitive micro chip. It's linked to a network like the tracking devise - lojack. You are on a web with your chip and when you react to a level of cocaine in your blood it sends a signal to a computer which alerts medical dispatch to your location so you don't die.

Great idea - there are so many applications for this kind of product in medicine! I once read about a similar product which was a wearable blood purification device. It constantly cleaned the blood of the person who was wearing it. It was intended for use in biological warfare or with HIV/AIDS patients.

2) Great Fantasy Idea: Quit your job. Go buy a nice road bicycle. Buy some powerbars. Take off for the Fall touring around New England on bike, enjoying the fall colors, eating at cozy restaurants, sleeping in bed and breakfasts and exercising your body ever day in the crisp, fresh aumtumnal breezes. Breath taking vistas of forests burning with color await you.

3) Pay-for-Services-Rendered Real Estate Broker: Hate paying fees to your real estate broker? I do. Does a 6% commission seem too high? Yes. Well then why not pay brokers for the services they render? Let's take the profession up a notch. Get a broker to actually work for YOU, as opposed to guarding their financial interests like a lion guards an antelope carcass. What would be a fair price to pay? $20 and hour? $40? $50? It would depend on the experience and skill of the broker. The best brokers would be hired to take care of the best jobs at releatively fixed rates. Why not??? What is a broker if not a specialized consultant.

4) INVEST-STER: While we are on the topic of real estate, how about INVEST-STER a real estate related social networking applications that would allow property owners to connect to each other swap props and find out about deals before they hit the open market.

5) Collective Purchasing: I guess I got the real estate bug. This is an idea I have actually purused briefly, so i know its got merit. Create a forum or service where propsective home buyers can meet each other and scope out larger buildings which they can buy at a discount. These groups would also become support networks to collaborate on projects, renovations and talk about potential properties to go in on. Yes sir, we're putting the party back in Property Acquisition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the idea! Broker's should learn a thing or two about the correlation bewteen work and reward...would love to see a few of them who have never done a HONEST day's work squirm a bit.

9:57 AM  
Blogger krieger | batchelder said...

true! however I think many people would hate to pay broker outright for their services. it a weird system

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

4:00 PM  

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